What is the Intelligent Millionaires Network

Welcome to the Intelligent Millionaires Network, the global and local network whose intention is to provide you with the resources, support, and connections to accelerate your business success. IMN supports our members by giving them access to learn from not only their peers, but also an assortment of materials to provide resources for training and growth. Our platform gives you the tools to grow your business in a positive community of business owners and investors of different calibers. Local development meetings run each month that bring in business experts who share their strategies and secrets to their individual business successes. Topics of discussion vary, from organizational structure, processes, product implementation, marketing, building a brand, community outreach, hiring the right team, and scaling a business. On top of that, you are given access to every member from all over the world via our membership platform, where you can search by Industry to help your business grow beyond your local community. The IMN organization welcomes you to share in our community of dedicated professionals.


Network with corporate leaders. There will be live interactions between members where your questions will be answered and you will feel more confident with new information.  Engage in conversation; learn about growth opportunities!


Experience business development courses. Connect with the region’s corporate business leaders at our events; learn about trends and positive ways to accelerate your business and collaborate with other leaders.


Become a thought-leader and participate in the member-only industry forums; they are the place to share expertise, learn about key business issues, collaborate with peers, and promote excellence for your industry.

Why Choose The Intelligent Millionaires Network?

We measure success by the businesses we launch, the opportunities we create and the clients we support through doing what we love – growing solid, profitable businesses.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, established business owner or an intelligent, forward-thinking professional looking to startup your own brand, our Intelligent Millionaire Network will help you connect, learn, collaborate and partner with amazing people from Chicago and around the world.

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